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Smart Chip Card Family Introduction in Tyson

Jun. 23, 2017

Tyson smart ship card is divided into memory card, logical encryption card and intelligent CPU card three categories according to the chip difference.

  1. Memory Card

    Card embedded in the chip for the general-purpose memory chip EEPROM or Flash Memory, no security control logic, the card information can be unlimited access to arbitrary access to the card manufacturing and rarely take security measures, not fully meet or support ISO7816 international Protocol, and more use 2-wire serial communication protocol or 3-wire serial communication protocol.
    Contact ship card function is simple, no goods have little security logic, but the price is low, the development of simple to use, storage capacity growth rapidly, so for some simple, internal information without confidential or not allowed to encrypt the occasion.

  2. Security Card

    Known as the encrypted memory card, RFID key card,consists of non-volatile memory and hardware encryption logic, generally designed specifically for the IC card chip, with security control logic, security performance is better, while using ROM, PROM, EEPROM and other storage technology. From the manufacture of the chip to the delivery are taken to better security measures, such as the transport password access, support ISO7816 international agreement.
    Logical encryption card has a certain security guarantee, and more for security requirements of the occasion, such as insurance cards, fuel cards, driving cards, library cards, phone cards, electronic wallet and so on.

  3. CPU Card

Smart CPU card, also known as chip cards, microprocessors, IC card family in the latest, but also the most vitality. CPU card has a microcomputer hardware and software configuration, its hardware includes: CPU, memory, card operating system COS.
As the CPU card has a high data processing and computing power, large storage capacity and open application design platform, so the application of flexibility, adaptability. And in the hardware structure, operating system, the production process to take the multi-level security measures to ensure a strong security and security capabilities. It not only verifies the legitimacy of cards and cardholders, but also identifies the read and write terminals, has become a multi-purpose card and data security is particularly sensitive to the occasion of the best choice.

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