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Tysoncard offer contactless IC card with best price to customer

Jul. 03, 2017

Tyson contactless IC card is including antenna and chip, the chip uses the antenna to receive the transmitter and receiver antenna to exchange signals to achieve a wireless communication. Contactless IC card is a combination of card technology and radio frequency technology, therefore, non-contact IC card system is a radio frequency identification system.
The coil is embedded in contactless IC card and integrated circuit chip, usually, contactless IC card does not have its own power supply, file card in the reader response range, the card required energy, clock pulse and all data through Electromagnetic coupling is transmitted to the card.
Tyson contactless IC card's dimensions conform to the international standard ISO 7810 specification for ID-1 cards (85.72mm x 54.03mm x 0.76mm), which is manufactured by bonding a non-contact between four layers of PVC film An IC card module and a coupling element, wherein the coupling element is generally an electromagnetic induction coil and is inductively coupled. The coil is designed to be placed on top of the carrier film and the coil is connected to the chip module with the appropriate connection technique.

Now Tysoncard provide contactless IC card with best price and service to customers.


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